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Tammie Bennett | Instructor at Camp Craftaway 2024

Tammie Bennett

Tammie Bennett

Tammie Bennett is a certified mindset coach, podcaster, speaker, artist, and educator. She is obsessed with helping creators show up as themselves, more often, to more people. For over 15 years, she has helped people accomplish more than they ever thought possible by teaching them to feel safe in putting their work into the world. She frequently teaches workshops for creative organizations including the Craft Industry Alliance, Proof to Product, and Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association.

She combines her experience owning a product-based business with her B.S. In Journalism to help creators get more eyes on their work. When she isn’t laughing with her husband and three teenagers, you can find her making awkward dance moves and finding things to celebrate.


Friday, August 2 at 1:30 PM

Each attendee will create a 2D depiction of their inner critic. Tammie talk about why we have the inner critic, how to deal with it, and how to still get things done in a way that feels good. this can be a lighthearted, creative and super powerful exercise and participants will have a cool inner critic to take home with them.