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Oh Go Terrazzo Yourself | Workshop at Camp Craftaway 2024


Oh Go Terrazzo Yourself

Sunday, August 4 at 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Terrazzo Tray

You've seen terrazzo trays out and about in the world.

They’re normally a sold color base with all kinds of tiny colorful chips inside. In this workshop, we will be making our own chips to use in our terrazzo pieces. Our base will be an eco-resin that cures VERY FAST!

We will use eco-resin composite powder that is water based gypsum. Once fully cured, the final product is extremely durable and pretty!

We will have a variety of molds and colors to work with—not necessarily just those pictured here.

Supplies fee: $20

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Terrazzo Tray
Terrazzo Tray