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Rosalie Gale | Instructor at Camp Craftaway 2024

Rosalie Gale

Rosalie Gale

Rosalie Gale is most well known for co-inventing Shower Art: waterproof art to hang in your shower. She and her husband, Doug, own Ugly Baby and Monster and have been making a living creating really dumb art pieces for longer than anyone really expected.


Saturday, August 3 at 2 PM

Explore monoprinting—a form of printmaking where the print can only be made once. The pressure! Using a gelatin-based printing plate, we’ll learn how to use color and texture to create interesting patterns.

Sunday, August 4 at 2 PM

You’ve seen terrazzo trays out and about in the world.​ They’re normally a sold color base with all kinds of tiny colorful chips inside. In this workshop, we will be making our own chips to use in our terrazzo pieces.